Release Day!!!!!!

If you haven’t guessed I’m a little excited about the release of my latest comedic romance, Love Potion Me, Baby. Mainly because I LOVE this story.  But I can’t keep it all to myself. Gotta spread that love. Here’s a listing of places I’ll be visiting over the next few weeks. There’ll be interviews and posts, and even a letter of two from the characters. Hope you can stop by and see me on one of these dates!

Lots of <3–Amie

Release Day! March 28th Sarah Grimm

Meet Brice Van Sant

April 4th AJ Nuest

Letter from Suzanne Rose

 April 9th Kellie Kamryn


April 11th Claire Croxton

What’s In A Name?– guest post

and Alana Lorens


April 18th Babette James


April 25th Rebecca J Clark


April 27th Vonnie Davis

The Millionaire’s Club–Guest Post

May 2 Katherine Grey

Interview with Jancy Carmichael Van Sant

May 9 CoffeeTime Romance and More

Writing Comedy–Guest Post

May 16 Calisa Rhose

Odd facts about Love Potion Me, Baby–Guest Post