Release Day!!

LPOT release day


Happy Release Day to Love Potion and Other Travesties. I know for some of you the blurb and characters may seem a bit familiar. That’s because Love Potion and Other Travesties is the sweet version of Love Potion Me, Baby. Sweet in a romance writer’s vocabulary means no sex.

This is the original version of the Love Potion tale. But when I got ready to submit the story, I knew that it would have to have sex scenes in order to be accepted by my publisher at that time.

So the story’s the same, the characters are the same, the crazy blue love potion shampoo is the same. But I wanted to make this version available for those who might prefer it.

Thanks for reading!


Fool For Love Contest



I’m uping the stakes! Leave a comment on this post and you will receive a copy of your choice of

Love Potion Me, Baby

Can’t Buy Me Love

All You Need Is Love

or Brodie’s Bride!

All you have to do is leave me your preference and tell me your favorite kind of hero.

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Cover Reveal: Blame It On Texas

I got this lovely just before Christmas but with all of the holiday rush and shuffle I decided to wait until after the new year to post it. Yes, I’ve had to sit on my hands to keep from hitting ‘share’ but here it is…the cover to my novella scheduled to release from Samhain publishing June 10, 2014. More about the story to come later. For now, it’s all about the cover!

BlameItOnTexas-ART(1)So what do you think? I LOVE it! Ritt and Shelby are some of the youngest lovers I’ve ever written (though they are too old for New Adult). The cover is fresh and lively. Just like the book! But I’ve said too much already. More on that later…

Spotlight on: Lie Catchers by Rolynn Anderson

Happy New Year! Yes, I know it’s the 6th. I have no defense. LOL School was supposed to go back today, but the cold and snow has the rock star home for one more day. As if I wasn’t behind enough already!

Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions? I did. Among them to blog more, keep in touch with my readers, and ‘get out’ more even if only on the Internet. (You know writers can be kind of reclusive. After all, we have a bunch of people who talk to us constantly. Even if it is only in our own heads!)

In honor of my new resolutions, I invited my talented friend and fellow author Rolynn Anderson to join us today and tell us about her latest release, Lie Catcher. Be sure to stay tuned…there’s a blurb at the end. And you don’t want to miss this!


Amy Lillard is my hostess today, a writer whose signature line says: Live a little; Laugh a Lot; Love for a Lifetime. I write Suspense Spiked with Romance. Today in honor of Amy’s bent toward the light side, I’ll talk about the place for fun and funny in suspense novels.

Real people laugh, even in tense moments. Sometimes they giggle out of nervousness or guffaw at an irony raised by the situation. Amusing sarcastic comments and puns bubble out of our characters at the most unusual times. They’ll smile or laugh at each other during the roughest of circumstances. And the reader is relieved and smiles, too, happy about the brief let-up of tension, entranced by characters who react authentically to events brimming with suspense.

Remember the tumble-in-the-sheets scene with Ellen Barkin and Dennis Quaid in the movie “The Big Easy”? She’s a by-the-book investigator and Quaid is a cop well on his way to the dark side and surrounded by cops more dirty than he is. In a plot thick with suspense, their attraction to one another matches in intensity. The director chooses their first sex scene to be the most awkward, embarrassing and hilarious encounter I’ve ever witnessed. Not only is the event a relief of tension, but it shows the human side of both characters and a glimpse of the potential redemption of the Quaid character. This is funny, with a purpose.

Vonnie Davis, who writes light suspense, has a special skill at crafting characters who fumble in her Red Hand suspense series. Even Niko, the conscientious investigator in MONA LISA’S ROOM (, makes the reader chuckle when he bumps up against Aly, an American woman with disarming skills and foibles. Together, Niko and Aly stutter-step their way to solving crimes and finding love.
My newest release, LIE CATCHERS is darker than Davis’s Red Hand series, but, like Davis, I try to show my hero and heroine as real people. The recession has bumped my hero down from a Treasury office job to a gumshoe; she’s struggling to save a family business as well as find a niche in a hometown she once rejected. They both fumble at their tasks and make mistakes, enough to have us smiling and cheering them on to do better next time.
So thank you, Amy for the chance to talk about the light side of suspense. Clearly both of us relish the opportunity to laugh! Here’s more detail about my new release, LIE CATCHERS, Suspense spiked with romance and a sense of humor.


LieCatchers_w7909_300Two unsolved murders will tear apart an Alaska fishing town unless a writer and a government agent reveal their secret obsessions.

Treasury agent Parker Browne is working undercover in Petersburg, Alaska to investigate a money scam and a murder. His prime suspect, Liv Hanson, is a freelance writer struggling to save her family’s business. Free spirited, full of life, and with a talent for catching liars, she fascinates Parker.

Trying to prove she’s a legitimate writer who cares about Petersburg’s issues, Liv pens a series of newspaper articles about an old, unsolved murder. When her cold case ties in with Parker’s investigation, bullets start to fly.

Parker understands money trails, and Liv knows the town residents. But he gave up on love two years ago, and she trusts no one, especially with her carefully guarded secret. If they mesh their skills to find the killers, will they survive the fallout? (Amazon Kindle) (Website)

What a fabulous cover! Thanks for stopping in today, Rolynn, and sharing your new book with us!

What do you say, readers? How important is humor in the books you read?


Balloons! Confetti! Tootie Horns and Streamers!! It’s Release Day for Ten Reasons Not To Date A Cop!!!!!




Ten Reasons Not to Date a Cop by Kaylee Stephens

#1 Cops are never around when you need them, but always underfoot when you don’t.

#2 They can get a court order for anything they need regardless of how you feel about it.

#3 They wear asinine mirrored sunglasses so you can’t see their eyes or know what they’re thinking.

#4 They own handcuffs, even if they can’t find the keys.

#5 They have great lips.

#6 They have crazy dogs with issues.

#7 They’re arrogant.

#8 They can kiss. Boy, can they kiss.

#9They will get your family’s approval, even if they don’t have yours.

#10 They just might make you fall in love.

Top Ten ~ Humorous Books

I had the most noble intentions of writing a blog post about funny books, but (you knew that was coming, right?) there are some great books out there. Books that remain on my shelf even if they don’t make it into my hands but once a year. Books I cannot bear to part with. So why not do a Top Ten (you know how I love Top Ten Lists) about books that I think are a knee slapping good time? I came up with a few ideas. Most of these are older books but still worth a read if you can get yourself a copy.

Twenty-Nine and A Half Reasons by Denise Grover Swank

Getting Over Harry by Rene Roszel

Men:An Owner’s Manual by Stephanie Brush

Getting Rid of Bradley by Jennifer Cruise

Please say I Do by Karen Toller-Whittenburg

I  was writing this list and more and more titles kept popping into my head. Then I reminded myself how subjective humor is and how many great books there are out there that I’ve missed (and maybe others have too) that are a knee-slapping good time. So I want to hear from you. What’s your all time favorite funny book? Heck, leave me two or three titles. Let’s share the laughter!