Meet Jackson McMasters

~An Interview with Jackson McMasters, Brodie’s best friend and business partner~

It’s been six months since that fateful night/morning when Brodie and Savanna woke up to find themselves married. But as their story goes public today, they weren’t available for an interview. So We have the next best thing. Today we have the other half of HarMac Construction, Jackson McMasters and his lovely wife, Gina.

“If he’s mad about this, I’m blaming it on you,” Jackson asides to Gina, then turns to smile and shake my hand. Jackson is just like described in the book. Blond, polished and wearing an impeccable suit. Dark-haired, dark-eyed Gina is glowing in only the way a new mother can.

“Blame it on me,” she says through her smile. “I’m not afraid of Brodie Harper.”

“Before you two get into a marital spat, let’s get this started.”

Jackson sits down and crosses ankle over knee, his movements nearly elegant. I’ve only met Brodie once before and for a brief time, but it’s so obvious that the two friends are exact opposites. Brodie is dark, a little rough around the edges and Jackson is…not.

“Thanks for coming today.”

Jackson nods.

“Now tell us, you and Brodie have been friends a long time, right?”

“Since elementary school.”

“We all met in the third grade,” Gina added.

“And just what kind of person is Brodie Harper?”

Jackson smiles and straightens his dark purple power tie. “He’s the best kind I know. Salt of the earth, his Pop would say. Loyal dependable. He’s the one person I’d want to have behind me.”


“Sorry, Gina. Did you have something to say?”

“No. Go on.”

“He’s taken care of his grandmother since his Pop died. That alone is a full time job. He has a great love of family and home.”

“I’ve heard that about him. So were you surprised to discover he’d married a stranger after a one night stand?”

“You…could say that.”

Gina laughs. “He was livid.”

“I was worried about the casino contract.”

“He was worried about his friend.”

“It’s just that no one expected Brodie to get married again,” Jackson explains.


Jackson nods. “Brodie was marred once before. His wife left him to go to Hollywood. It’s caused some issues for him, but I think Savanna has helped him through all of that.”

“So you approve of his marriage then.”

“Of course.”

Gina all but snorts. “You weren’t so approving in the beginning.”

“It was a shock.”

“He thought she was a hooker.” Gina shows utter delight in letting this tidbit fly.

Jackson coolly  raises an eyebrow. “So did Brodie. She was dressed a little—“

“Don’t say it,” Gina warns.

“Well, she had decided to disguise herself and  follow her fiancé to find out if he was up to no good—“

“Which he was,” Gina added.

“—and she ended up married to Brodie instead.”

“And his wedding night was also your wedding night.”

“That’s correct, but that’s all the details I’m giving on that. If you want any more, and you’ll have to talk to him.”

“Just where is Brodie today?”

“He had other business to attend.”

“He’s out flying the Cessna with Red Sullivan, the casino owner. Now that Savanna has gotten over her fear, she’s making Red teach her how to fly the plane. Brodie won’t let her go up without him.”

“A casino heiress flying a plane, that would be something to see.”

Gina’s phone chimes and she holds it up for Jackson to see. “Time to get Rosie.”

Jackson stands and reaches out to shake my hand. “Sorry to cut this short, but duty calls.”

Fatherly duty.

Who knows maybe soon, it’ll be Brodie’s turn on baby patrol. One can only hope.

Have You Met Brodie Harper

brodie-picEveryone makes mistakes, right? Well, I made a doozie. See, I’d just stood up and watched my best friends get married. Maybe that’s what had me feeling like something was missing, Or maybe it was the tequila. Whatever the reason, the next thing I know I was standing before an official in a seedy little chapel off the strip exchanging vows with a woman I didn’t know—Savanna Morgan.

Savanna is unlike any woman I’ve ever met. She’s a strange mixture of worldly and innocent. She told me she was a waitress, but only because I thought she was a hooker at first. (I told you I’d made a helluva mistake, but if you could have seen that little red dress she was wearing…. ) Anyway, once my mind was clear, I could tell she wasn’t a prostitute. Her clothes were too nice, her hair cut a little too…you know, for a working girl. But a waitress? There’s no way in hell.

The simple solution would have a been a quickie divorce, but who said this whole mess was simple? I needed Savanna out of my life, but the next thing I know, she’s spending the weekend with me at a Texas ranch to help save my job.  I just didn’t count on her being  under my feet and getting under my skin so quickly.

I’m just a regular guy trying to make it. My friend Jackson and I have  a small contracting business and the biggest client we’ve ever had is just out of reach. If we could just get Red Sullivan to sign the dotted line so we can build his dream family themed casino, then our lives will be golden.

Now that’s where Savanna comes in. See, Red likes family men. And now that he thinks Savanna and I are ‘family’ , we’ve got to keep up the charade. But only for a weekend. Come Monday, we’ll be able to get everything annulled and go our separate ways. That should be easy enough. Right?

Wrong. I failed to mention that sparks fly whenever Savanna and I are within twenty yards of each other. Red hot, Forth of July kind of embers that smolder and seethe and burn. Until the next thing we know we’re—

Well, let’s just say that it’s not easy for us to keep our hands to ourselves when we’re left too close together for too long. And that’s exactly what happens at the Sullivan’s ranch.

Now there are times  I find myself thinking about Savanna, and what’s going to happen once our weekend is over. Is she really going to go back to Vegas and marry her cheating ex-fiancé? I mean, not that I want a wife. I don’t. But she deserves better than a lying bastard to spend the rest of her life with.

And suddenly I’m having a hard time imagining my life without her in it…


Meet Brice Van Sant

A Letter From Brice

iStock_000018586389SmallI’m not the kind of guy who goes in for all that mushy mumbo jumbo, love talk. It’s just a bunch of hype to sell chocolates and cards on Valentines Day. I happen to know first hand that love is nothing but a lie, an illusion that only brings heartbreak. Once a person buys into the concept, it wreaks havoc in their life Whenever a woman starts getting too close, I break it off and that’s the end of that.

Except for Suzanne. I married Suzanne. I know what you’re thinking, but it wasn’t like that either. See, she was visiting her sister who works for my company, Johnston Carmichael Pharmaceuticals. I was trying to run interference with an ex when somehow I ended up drinking a cup of her homemade herbal shampoo.

Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought too…the next day…after I’d married her. That’s when I realized that the shampoo was actually a love potion! With a product like that I could take my company to the top of the heap. But when I offered to buy the formula, Suzanne told me that she didn’t have it. She makes these kinds of things all the time—shampoo, conditioner, perfume— but never writes down the ingredients.

I’m not proud of what I did next, but I managed to talk Suzanne into recreating the formula. The only problem was our marriage had hit the papers. Half the world already knew that we’d had a whirlwind courtship (if you call one date a courtship), so all this had to be done in secret. I couldn’t let the competition know what I was onto. So Suzanne reluctantly moved into my house and pretended to be my wife while she worked on finding the formula.

This is where things get a little interesting. Who knew that having a sassy redhead underfoot could be such a temptation? And I found out just how badly a person could want something they couldn’t have. But desire and love are two entirely different things.  If a man’s not careful he’ll fall into that trap. But that  isn’t going to happen to me. I’m not about to fall in love. But give in to desire? What’s a man got to lose?

                                                                                                                                   — Brice

Love Potion Me, Baby

Available now from The Wild Rose Press / /

Name That Hero

It’s time, it’s time, it’s time!!! It’s time to Name That Hero. Here at the top 3 entries.

Did I say 3 names…nah, surely that wasn’t what I said. I meant 5. And here they are…the 5 final names in my Name That Hero Giveaway: Ross, Cam, Ian, Tristan, and Dylan.

Can’t decide? Here’s the picture again to help inspire your decision. :)

A young caucasian man gives a serious look

Here’s a big thank you to everyone who submitted names for the contest. There were some awesome entries. (And some I will be setting aside for future projects).

And thanks for your vote. If you didn’t have a chance to enter a name and get registered for the drawing, you can still be part of the giveaway. Simply vote, then leave me a comment so I can get your name in the hat. :) I’m giving away a $25 gift card as well as some chocolate and fabulous swag. You don’t want to miss this!

Meet Lucas Blackfox

Man portrait with eyeglassesHeight– 6 foot


Eyes– back

occupation– Amarillo Police Department Detective

Pets– retired police German Shepherd named Toby

Likes–his Corvette, home cooked meals, and blondes

Dislikes–Being used, double dates, and hand-made wallets

Ten Reasons Not to Date a Cop available 11/20/2012 from Samhain Publishing

Tara Thompson ~ A Guest Post

Many of you may have visited earlier in the week to my review site and checked out my thoughts about Tara Thompson’s new release Meltdown. Well, today I’ve invited Tara here to share a few more thoughts. Here’s Tara on motherhood and writing…

I may not be the most maternal person in the world, but I love babies.  I love their smell, I love their tiny little fingers and toes, and I love their complete dependence and purity.  So… I had three children in four years.  I honestly though we would have a fourth too, until it dawned on me that my babies wouldn’t stay that way forever.  Once those first few years were over, I’d be taking them to dance, soccer, football, and tennis.  There would be recitals and playoffs, travel teams and slumber parties.  SAT’s, driver’s permits, and college tuition.  Times three.

With my littlest one still in his infant carrier, I clearly remember thinking- Oh my God, what have I done?

But in the meantime, my days were a blur of early morning wake-ups, leaking (and sometimes exploding) diapers, mealtimes that lasted forever because most of it wound up on the floor, naps that never seemed to happen concurrently, temper tantrums, potty training, baths where I got as wet as my children and exhausting night time feedings.

It was often hard to write a grocery list, let alone a chapter.  And since I wasn’t actually paid to write, I felt guilty spending money on babysitters just so I could play with the imaginary friends I created in my computer.  But one day, my fingers literally itching to get to the keyboard, I threw my laptop in a bag, put the kids in the car and headed to my gym.  A few minutes later, they were happily playing in the babysitting area while I tapped away in a chair by the front desk.

Yes- I do know that the gym is a place for working out.  And on occasion I actually do that.  But to all moms who just want a break without actually breaking a sweat- consider heading to you local gym.  Babysitting is either free as part of your membership, or available for a nominal charge.  Do I always feel better after working out?  Absolutely.  But there have been many days when what I really needed was my own personal “time-out.”  At least half of Meltdown was written at my local gym and if I didn’t feel like writing, I could read a magazine, surf Facebook or even put together a jigsaw puzzle on my iPad in relative peace.  Meanwhile, my children were playing with other kids their age, in a neutral, child-centered environment.

As a mom of young children, sometimes all I needed was an hour or two free of whining, crying and spit-up to feel as if I’d conquered the day.  Whether I found it on the treadmill or in the sitting area of my gym, it didn’t matter.

Thankfully, I’ve made it to the day when all three are in full-day school and over the past few years I’ve traded bottles, bibs and diapers for shin guards, bike helmets and muddy cleats.  Laptop computers and cell phone probably aren’t too far away.  I no longer have to choose between working out, writing or just catching my breath for a few minutes.  Most days I even have time for all three.

So to all stay-at-home moms who want to pursue a passion beyond child-rearing and don’t have a regular babysitter- look for other resources out there to give you that little bit of sanity during the relentless twenty-four hour, three hundred sixty-five day cycle that is parenthood.  Sometimes you will find it in the most unexpected of places.

Thanks for stopping by again, Tara. Always a pleasure to have you. And for those of you who missed the review…here’s the link. Be sure to check out Meltdown.

And don’t forget to check out Tara as she tours the www promoting Meltdown. All the deets can be found at

Happy Reading!

Name Game–Update

Just wanted to keep everyone up to date concerning the new hero’s name contest Some of these came from Facebook and as great as the names themselves are, they don’t exactly go with McFarland. I may end up having to run a contest for  new last name next. LOL

Here’s the list so far:

Dillion/Dylan–not a bad name, but concerned about it with McFarland

A young caucasian man gives a serious lookJason/Jase–nixed, this is my  nephew’s name


Brett–I already have a hero Brett

Liam–fabulous name but too Irish  for my Scottish surname

Colt–IMHO a little too cowboy for my multi-millionaire

Jackson–I already have a Jackson



Zane–have a Zane already

Dimitri–not feeling it, but it’s a great name

Grayson–with Mcfarland? (makes face)

Paxton–See previous comment and facial expression

Alexander–not bad, but very vanilla these days.

Chad–uhum…no. Sorry, Mom!


Trent –ex from college. that’s out

Tucker–I’ve used this in another book

Cam–LOVE it! (*not* short for Cameron)

Ross–another favorite

There have to be a couple of more great hero names out there…still searching…

Name That Hero

It’s time! Time to name the hero in All You Need Is Love. And to help you along with your entry, here’s a picture for your viewing pleasure.

A young caucasian man gives a serious lookHere are a few things to keep in mind: The hero’s last name is McFarland so the name will have to go with that. And of course it needs to be a strong name…he is a romance hero after all!

Now the contest goes like this: Submit your entry between now and July 1 by leaving a comment on this post. After the 1st, I’ll pick my favorite three and put those back out for everyone to vote on. Voting will end August 1 and the name with the most votes will be the winner.

Now everyone who participates will be put into a drawing for a reader’s survival pack including a $25 pre-paid Visa card, fabulous swag, and (of course) some chocolate!

So get your best hero name together and leave me a comment. Ross? Brandon? Gunner? Help me Name That Hero!